I find myself with mixed emotions about this beautiful country I live in.  It’s quite the dilemma, honestly.  God has blessed me beyond compare by placing my childhood life in this country.  I can partake in my adore/despise relationship with running and not fear for my life because I live for Christ.  I can openly talk about God in public and home without being tortured and put in jail.  I can spread His Word freely (even if it is rejected half the time).  The list goes on and on AND ON!  Including: food availability, transportation, education, safety, rights, etc.  I simply love the country I live in.  I plan (even though this is God we are talking about, so my ultimate calling in life is probably not what I am planning right now) to join the military.  How long I will be in the military is not an issue, I just have to follow what God is calling me to do right now.  I want to serve others, and ultimately serve this country.  God has blessed me through them, and I would love to bless them in return.

Here is the other side of this spinning coin.

All of this that I am about to say probably will not be long term.  I am HOPING it will not be long term.  Anyways, I feel called right now to attend the United States Military Academy (USMA), also known as West Point.  Being that I am a Junior in high school, my application process starts VERY SOON.  Well, in order to start this application process, I need to meet with Congressmen and Senators from my state.  I had three separate opportunities to meet with Senators, Congressmen, and officials on the West Point Administration board, all in the month of October.  Here is the funny thing about America (if you have not realized it before), America tends to spend money it does not possess.  Thus, the government has to shut down (because theoretically that is going to fix the problem) in order to find a solution.  WELL.  Because of the shut down, all of my meetings were “postponed” till farther notice.  Do not get me wrong here.  I still love America, my respect for these people has not wavered, and I know God is still in control.  I am just a bit frustrated with America right now.

But here is the bigger dilemma that I ponder daily.

“I will bless those who bless you, I will curse those who treat you with contempt, and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

This verse is Genesis 12:3.  It is a promise God made to Abraham that He will bless those who bless him, and curse those who curse him.  Well, his decedents = Israel.  Why do you think America is so blessed?  It is because we have supported Israel and her people.  Here comes another scarier part.  When the end times come (described throughout the Bible, but detailed in Revelations), the world as a whole will turn against Israel.  Now whether this is an analogy or not is irrelevant to a point.  If it is literal it means all of the physical countries of this world turn against Israel.  If it is an analogy it means the world fully turns against Christianity.  Either way, America has to fall.  In order to turn against Israel, you have to not support it, which means that God will cease His blessings on this country.  Even if it is the analogy translation, America still has to fall.  This “country of freedom of religion” will have to cease being what it is in order to fully turn against Christianity.  All this said, I have a dilemma.  I know I am suppose to pray for my government and those in authority.  I know I have a right as a citizen to vote and be active in the politics of this country.  I know I need to support the people of this country and protect them and serve them.  But.  I serve God before I serve America.  If America all of the sudden tells me that I cannot serve God, I am going to laugh in their faces (respectfully).  If this free country provides freedom for all religions except Christianity, I am still going to stand for God before this country.  America. Is. Going. To. Fall.  You can call me anti-American, but that is not true.  I love America, but I know that America is a mist in the wind of eternity.  Do you honestly think there will be countries in Heaven?  Do you honestly think God is going to show favoritism to America when He comes back as the Lion?  He already came as the Lamb, FROM ISRAEL, and died for our sins.  When He comes back, He is coming as the Lion, and He is going to take back the world He created.  He IS NOT going to give America slack because we have His Name associated with the country (which is already controversial to some groups of people).  So whether it is before the end times or after, America is going to fall.

I have been chosen to be on the Color Guard for a Civil Air Patrol banquet in the near future.  If I was not already feeling honored, I was also asked to be the bearer of the American Flag.  Not only is that completely nerve racking because I have to call the orders, but it is also very sobering.  Every time I pull the Flag out of its carrying case, I am able to think as we slowly and gracefully assemble it.  As I carefully reveal it from the covering, I feel like I am pulling the weapon that I am carrying on the battlefield in order to fight for the freedom of the country.  As I call upon a brother to help me unroll it, I remember that this freedom was not won my a single member, but a vast amount of dedicated warriors.  As I carefully attach the remainder of the poll, I pray for the leaders of the country that put the pieces together to the best of their ability.  Then I stand there.  I stand there holding the Flag of our country, of my country, and I am reminded of the many blessings God has given me through this country.  I am reminded that I cannot take this country for granted.  It will end one day.  Until then?  I will faithfully serve America, and her people.

I needed to write about this because it is pretty much always on my heart.  Please, do not misunderstand.  I love America, and I am so blessed to live here in this freedom that so many paid their lives for.  If it is God’s will, I would willingly lay down my life for this country as well.  Please do not take this country, this freedom, for granted.  It will not last forever.  And as for me, I am for America, but I am for God first.  I am praying that He will continue to change my heart so that instead of complaining about the things that happen, I would just pray for the leaders of this country.  What will you do?  Will you pray for this country?  Will you pray for the leaders of this gifted freedom that will not last forever?

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